Adding some flair to the Admissions Lobby

Since I started about six months ago, we have been working on sprucing up the admissions lobby. This week, I continue that project again.

My first day on the job, I spent rearranging the furniture in the lobby. It used to be when you walked in, it was like a doctors office where all the chairs were single and placed flat against the wall, etc. Being an art major certainly helped with the redesign and within the first 8 minutes (if I remember right) we saw signs of it’s dramatic improvement. People were actually utilizing the furniture the way it should be.

After that, I had a 37″ TV sitting in my office for some time until they finally came by to mount it for us. We also have added a DVD player for movies and slideshows.

On Friday I was able to pick up the mats for the frames we bought a LONG time ago. Since our printer guy retired, we have not had the opportunity to get photos printed, but I will be working on that today. Kinko’s can print up to 11″ x 17″ photo quality on glossy or matte paper for under $2.00. The paper may not be as thick as traditional photo paper, and the prints might not last forever, but considering the amount spent, I would say it’s a good deal.

Also this week, I’m going to be working on the other photo project which will be a collage. I created one for my girlfriend for our anniversary last year with all of our friends and will be applying the same concept to the one for the admissions lobby. By using 4×6 photos and placing a small piece of magnetic tape on the back, you can attach them to a magnetic whiteboard. I’ll be picking up a couple whiteboards for about $15 each, removing the frames, mounting them from the wall, and sticking the photos to them. By doing it this way, the thought is to create an interactive canvas for photos to be moved around and quickly changed out. I’ll post photos as the project progresses.

I hope to have this all done this week before classes resume again, so we’ll have to see. I’m awaiting approval to go pick up the whiteboards as we speak. For now, here are some teaser photos!

Brookens Library

Live Music

The Pond


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