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Oh, vacation!

Still on vacation. Down in the Keys! Just a couple more days and I’ll be back. I’ll blog about my two week vacation when I return. See you after the new year!!!


Shooting from the hip

So I have decided to blog about a photography technique that I enjoy shooting for the simple fact that you get some interesting photos. My lack of creativity kind of made me decide to shoot from a different perspective. Plus, I read an interesting article about it. But I didn’t necessarily agree with everything the author said, so I’m not going to link. It’s called shooting from the hip. Some people do it from the stomach, but I usually hold my camera at my side. It’s really easy to do, you just aim in the general direction, have your focus preset to something you feel is good, use a wider mm, and then shoot. You can use auto focus, but unless your lens is fast focusing, manual, preset focus is better. That’s all there is to it pretty much, but the results can range from beautiful to hilarious.

Kitty Cat

Not a great shot, but interesting

He’s so cute. I love his missing tooth. I might clean up the shadow on his face a bit, but the shot is great!
A little out of focus, but I love this shot!

Sure you might have to do some post-processing, but you can really get some excellent shots. I have plenty others like these, many that are better, but I wanted to post some that were more recent. Let me know what you think of this!


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

So this weekend, with the beginning of December, I decided to put up my Christmas tree. My girlfriend, Jordan and I decided to go on Friday after work and get a tree and then after CSF we were going to have the family come over and decorate. *For those of who that don’t know, our family is not our literal families, but rather our campus family…just to clarify. We went to Lowes on a tip from a co-worker of mine (here’s her blog – I do a lot of the photos for her) to pick out a suitable tree. We wanted to get a real one, but didn’t want to spend $40-$50 like other places were charging. We went with a 7 foot Douglas Pine, nice a plump and smells incredible! Nothing beats the smell of a fresh pine tree!

So we loaded it into the back of my car…or should I say backseat of my car…and came home. Needless to say, it was a little chilly out. I don’t know why people say that convertibles are not practical. You just have to get a little creative sometimes…haha!

This is me pulling in. See it fits.

After decorating for a little bit, I decided I needed more lights…so we ran to Meijer to get some more. And I bought the kids an ornament for our tree. I’ve always done that with my real family, and it’s a good tradition to have. Instead of spending TONS of money on Christmas presents, creating a family tradition by giving each member an ornament is nice. Family gets overlooked a lot nowadays.

No full shot of finished tree yet for some reason…I’ll get some tonight.

We got done decorating at like 12:30 finally, and we decided we still wanted to watch Blood Diamond. That was an excellent movie. I wasn’t crazy about Leo’s accent, but the movie was very well done and brought a very serious issue into public light. I highly suggest seeing that movie if you haven’t already. But then bed time finally at around 5:00 a.m…I’m sleepy.

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