Back to Blogging!

Hello all you faithful readers out there! Sorry for such a long hiatus. Life gets busy you know. But I am back in full force and will be blogging a lot more!

So a weekend update:

On Saturday, Jordan, Liz, and I went up to Bloomington for a little gathering at our friends Dan and Melissa Collin’s house. It’s kinda funny because it was somewhat like a house warming party, but they will be moving in two weeks so they can be closer to Melissa’s job in Champaign. Her commute is an hour, while Dan’s is about three minutes. They’re going to split the distance and each have about 25 – 30 minute commutes.

I am definitely thankful for my four minute commute to and from work. I’ll get a taste of a longer commute on November 6th because they are doing some much needed work on the Toronto Road railroad crossing. I have to slow down to like 30 mph or else my car bounces all over the place. Sports car + big rims, small tires + RR crossing = not fun! The construction will last for like four days?!?! Lucky for me, I only have to do it once because I’ll be leaving for San Diego the next morning and will be gone for a week! Thank you Stamats!

Anyway, back on topic. After we got back from Bloomington, HRC sponsored the Monster Bash! Here are some photos from the event:

Jordan and I as the Mobster couple.

Chad and Kaley as Spartan Warriors!
(Yeah, that’s a real metal spartan helmet and shield)

Priyanka as a racer with her agent Pavan

The Crew
Left to Right: Kaley, Chad, Me, Jordan, Rich, Rachel, Erin, Chase

Sunday was a nice relaxing day mixed with a little homework. I will be ordering a new computer today which is pretty exciting! I cannot wait for it to get here! It will make me so much more productive! That’s a good thing because I have a lot of ambitious projects I want to do this winter in preparation for next year! I’ll definitely keep you updated as they progress!

Today is also the celebration party for UIS getting Higher Learning Commission re-accreditation approval! I’m gonna sneak over to that and grab some grub.

Have a great day!


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